Summer fashion choices for a plus-size body

Having a plus-size body in American society is harder than it needs to be. As well as all the social pressure to lose weight and fit into one body type model, you also can’t seem to find anything to wear. Everything seems to be made either for extremely obese people or those really skinny. With a little effort and some research, you too can be a summer fashionista. Your body doesn’t have to hold you back from being stylish, nor will it. There are parts of the fashion industry which still care for body diversity.

2. Party in the USA without sleeves

The weather is warm and it’s time to fully embrace that! There’s absolutely no reason why you should wear long sleeves in the wonderful sun. From the most common fashion choices in the spring and summer, it seems that curvier women are embarrassed by their arms. There’s absolutely no reason to be, though. Your arms go well with your body and are the ultimate asset to your outfit. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman whose style and choice of clothing shows how free she is.

This summer, let’s switch to the way more comfortable and prettier short sleeves. They open up a whole new variety of outfit combinations. A day in the life of an American woman is busy and diverse, but with one universal shirt, you can have a killer outfit for every occasion. If you want a casual look, pair them with denim jeans or shorts and stay comfy and cool the whole day. Another adorable option is to buy a pair of overalls which will only accentuate the colour of your shirt and the amazing way it compliments your body.

3. Be bold

Being bold takes a lot of courage, but is also very adrenaline-inducing and rewarding. This summer, you can do the toughest thing of all and buy a crop top. Your tummy is the most sensitive part of your body, and probably the part you dislike the most. So rock a crop top in spite of this. If looking good in something you think you’ll never look good in doesn’t inspire you to love and embrace your body, nothing will.

You don’t have to go all out and pair a crop top with low cut jeans, but going for the high waist option is highly recommended. Whether you wear high waist jeans or a skirt, you’re bound to rock that crop top. There’s no better way to stick it to the man and media who say you should be embarrassed by your tummy, either.

4. The great melting pot of patterns

Solid colours are cool, but nothing makes a statement than a good pattern. Not only do patterns look funkier and more stylish, but they’re also great for creating visual effects. You can draw away attention from the features you don’t like and put all eyes on the best parts of your body. You may appear more slimming or accentuate your curves, and even rock pieces of clothing you otherwise thought you could never wear.

Patterns exist in many styles, so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Summer in the US is the time for experimentation, proven by all the funky new designs you’ll find at local stores. From floral prints to skulls, you’ll find just the pattern that goes best with your personality. You don’t know how flattering a certain style can be until you try it, so don’t be afraid to try them all. With the birth of life in spring, this can also be the birth of a new closet for you.

5. Make America colorful again 

With the sun making its way to the States and even the rainiest countries of the world, like the UK, it’s time to get out of dark winter and autumn clothing. Black might be elegant and sexy, but it’s not the only colour you should feel comfortable in. It seems that Londoners are those who get it best. After all, they just stepped into the sun, and there’s no way they’re giving colour up for the slimming black. Confidence radiates from bright coloured clothing like nothing else. 

In yellow, purple, light blue, red, or green, you have nothing to fear. Walking in a busy street or enjoying delicious chocolate as part of the edible gifts delivery in London will be a source of pleasure and joy instead of insecurity. Your curves don’t make you any less stunning in bright coloured clothing. In fact, they accentuate the beauty of summer. So don’t be afraid to show them off and enjoy the sun and good weather to the max.

6. The land of the free…legs

The biggest concern plus sized women have seems to be their legs. Are they too fat? Is the cellulite noticeable? Why can’t I look good in shorts? I wish I could wear a skirt…and so on. The warm weather is made for elegance and playfulness. These two characteristics can’t be achieved if your legs are confined by black tights and winter jeans. 

It’s time to set them free. Show the world how confident and amazing you are. In truth, a curvier woman in a skirt or shorts has, even more, to be proud of than a skinnier one. Despite the way, media has us all convinced that stretch marks and cellulite need to be hidden at all costs, these are things only you notice. Proudly displaying your legs means that you’re aware of how beautiful you are, and portrays an image of confidence and self-value to others. They have no choice but to see you with the same respect you see yourself. 


As you can see, you aren’t a lost cause for fashion just because you’re plus size. You’re still as beautiful as everyone who fits into the social norms, so don’t let anything discourage you from looking the best you can. The trick is to adjust the clothes to your body, not the other way around. Soon enough, you’ll be walking down the street with your head held high, full of self-respect and confidence. We’ll let you in on a little secret- it won’t be the clothes making you feel this way, it’ll be all you.

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