Single Working Mom: Design Your Home Office Paradise

Being a single mom means that you have to work twice as hard to make sure your kids have everything. But seeing as how you love them and would do anything for them, that is not a problem. By now, you have probably realized all the benefits of working from home, from having more flexible work hours and being able to spend time with your kids to spend less money on the commute and child care services. However, in order to reach your full potential and stay motivated and productive, you have to put some effort into designing your home office. Here are some tips on how you can make it a true paradise.

Find the right space

Finding the right space for your office is the first and most essential step. To be able to have peace and tranquillity, you will need a secluded space. For instance, if you have a spare room or a storage closet you can use that is far from the noise usually made in the kitchen and living room, it can be turned into an office. On the other hand, if you don’t have that kind of space, you can transform a little corner of your bedroom or living room into your work station. The most important thing is that you have a designated office space where your kids, regardless of their age, will know not to disturb you unless it’s an emergency. This work-life balance is important in order to be able to achieve all your goals.

Organize the space

Now, depending on the space you have at your disposal, you need to find the best way to organize your work station. A decluttered office will be a lifesaver, so make sure not to keep things that you don’t need and consider the minimalist design. If you don’t work with clients face-to-face, all you need is a comfy, ergonomic chair and a desk. Investing in proper storage will be crucial as well, so if you only have a corner, learn to make the most of it. Ensure your desk can keep a lot of important documents and work equipment and utilize your walls to the fullest, whether by opting for open or closed shelves.

Properly illuminate the office

Having natural light is obligatory seeing as how it can be a huge mood booster. However, depending on your schedule, you might have to work in the afternoon or evening when your kids are already in bed. In that case, installing quality LED lighting is crucial to be able to get everything done. The great thing about LEDs is that they save you money on electricity and can even mimic natural light. Keep in mind that layering the lights is also important, so make sure to have both overhead and task lights.

Bring in some colour

While people usually choose to paint the walls in blue, green or yellow, which are the most common workplace shades, this is not the only approach to bringing some colours into the office. If you don’t have an office per se, you can use details to brighten up space. For example, your chair and desk can be in a bold colour, like blue or pink. On the other hand, rugs and curtains in interesting patterns can also make the space more upbeat. Moreover, introducing some art will make the whole room much lively. You can choose whatever you like, whether it’s paintings of nature or photos of your family and travels. Another interesting option is putting up some paintings or drawings your kids did. That might bring your mood up and motivate you to get the work done quicker.

Introduce plants

You are probably well aware of all the health benefits plants provide us with, from cleaning the air to boosting our mood. However, seeing as how plants come in all sorts of varieties, they are a great way to elevate the ambience of the space. You can choose low-maintenance types or get fresh flowers every other day. Depending on the kind you choose, they can also bring some colour to your work environment. However, plants cannot replace going outside, so make sure that you understand the importance of a healthy mind and body.

Get some scents in there

Aside from fresh flowers, you can choose to add scented candles or oil diffusers to make the space smell nice. Luckily, there are various scents you can choose from, so you can get whatever you like, from cinnamon to pine smells. If you decide to light candles, make sure your kids don’t have access, especially if they are young.

Being a single mom can be tough but that is why you need this space for yourself where you can earn enough to support your family. Explain to your kids what your work hours are and that you will get to spend time together later – and then make the most of it.

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