Natural Ways To Relieve Pain

When experiencing pain, usually your first response is to grab painkillers. And yes, they are very convenient, no effort needed, easily digested through your body system, and soon after you have taken it, the pain disappears. In that way, medications can be life-saving and really help you at times, but at what cost would you continue using them frequently? There are plenty of side effects, the possibility of addiction, etc. Plus, how depressing it is to even think about drinking the same pills each and every day, until the rest of your life.
Having chronic pain is something that you want to address a little differently. Dive into the possibilities which natural and alternative medicine have to offer you. Many herbs and spices can treat inflammation and other related troubles. You can be left surprised at what can change only by adopting certain ways of thinking and behaving, instead of drinking a handful of pills.
While some people are looking for a complete change, from pills to a much more holistic standpoint, others simply want to “circle around” and cover both areas – alternative and official medicine.

Release Endorphins, Excercise

This one is maybe much easier said than done, considering the difficult circumstances (pain). One magnificent thing about our bodies is that by being physically active, our bodies produce one of the best natural drugs there are – endorphins, hormones of happiness and content. This one particularly happens when we experience chronic pain – endorphin gets released to help us sooth the pain. These also have great benefits on your psyche, as they lower anxiety, depression, and stress. In order to release endorphins, you just need to become physically active and get sweaty a bit. Do not worry, you can start very slowly if your pain is severe, and slowly add up. Even a small walk counts.


While having a great range of uses in the kitchen – from delicious pies to spicing up meat and dishes – cloves have a long history of medical usage. You can find them in natural pharmacies and health food stores, either in the form of a capsule, powder form or oil. They are used for healing a wide range of conditions. They can help with treating colds, relieving headaches, easing nausea, toothaches, and relieving the pain involved with arthritic inflammation. You can also use clove oil (or powder) as a topical pain reliever. As for a toothache, you can rub a little bit of clove oil on your gums, before going to the dentist. Avoid using more than a very small amount, and do not use it frequently, as it may be bad for your gums. People who take blood-thinning drugs should be very careful when using cloves, as cloves have a similar effect.


Cannabis oil has made its breakthrough in the past decade or so, despite its long history of usage (originating in China). Australians are probably the ones that recognized its full potential, since the legalization in 2017. Among Australians with chronic pains, CBD oil in Australia has become (and for a reason) very popular way of dealing with pain naturally. Hemp oil is also known as a very effective alternative medicine for people with arthritis and chronic back pain. it also helps with sleep disorders, that people experiencing chronic pain usually suffer from as a consequence. It a very important to say that CBD oil does not contain THC, the “high” component, therefore it is not intoxicating and it does not have any psychoactive effects. Oil is extracted from the plant Cannabis Sativa, which is different than Cannabis Indica (the one that is used for getting “high”). Hemp has plenty of usages even outside of the medical world, and it is definitely the most eco-friendly medicine there is.

Hot N’ Cold

Using heat and cold to relieve inflammation and pain is very common, and you have probably heard it a million times. But people usually get confused about when they should use heat, and when cold. Ice packs or cold compresses are used shortly after you have experienced a strained ligament or a muscle, for a relief. After that, using heat will help you get rid of the stiffness that goes along with strains. Cold packs could also be used as a temporary headache reliever. As for arthritis, using heat is much more common than using ice. Although you can use a bottle of hot water, it is much more convenient buying a reusable heat pad that can be microwaved (or heated in the oven) many times.

Nurture Friendships

Sounds maybe naive, but in the long run, it can actually be crucial. Experiencing chronic pain can be devastating, leading to depression and isolation. Some studies have even shown that it is tougher than having some sort of disability, as it is not recognized by society as a “real” issue. Interacting with others who experience similar pain can make your day-to-day life much easier and bearable. Nowadays there is plenty of support group for people with all sorts of chronic issues. Try either finding your local support group or if there isn’t, you can always turn to online communities that offer support.

In conclusion, there are many, almost endless ways of helping yourself naturally. But be aware that not all of the natural medicines are going to work (for you). it is important to be consistent in usage, as it usually takes a longer period of time to see results. Keep in mind that if you are experiencing chronic pain, you must go to the doctors, and you should never solely rely on natural medicines without consulting your healthcare provider.

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