How to get your partner to LOVE cycling

You’ve made cycling a part of your daily routine and you’ve never felt better. It has done some amazing things for your body, making futile and exhausting workouts the thing of the past. Since an overall feeling of wellbeing is so immense, you didn’t hesitate a moment to share this wonderful new discovery with your partner.
But the thing is – she’s not that into it. She sees it as a semi-interesting hobby, but you still go mostly alone on the rides. You want to retain the great shape you’re in, but you also want to spend more time with her. If you start with persuasion, she gets even more stubborn. If this word was ideal, your partner would love the same things you do. But relationships are not that black and white. That’s why we’ve put together some tips that will help you make her fall in love with your favorite exercise.

Tell Her How You Feel

Of course, you’ve already done that, but we’re referring to the feelings you experience when riding your bike. Remind her that those shoulders, arms, calf muscles and quads that she adores were all made through cycling. Point out that it’s also an aerobic activity that reduces resting heart rate and blood pressure.
Spice it up with some numbers – cycling can burn up to amazing 1000 calories per hour if she ever wondered why cyclists are that skinny. Has she noticed that you’ve been doing more chores around the house? Where does she think all that additional energy comes from? Because of cycling, you sleep better and there’s no more nervous talk. It’s a good idea to add some scientific facts into the mix, like the release of endorphins, so she wouldn’t think you’re making all this up.

Step by Step

Everything listed above will backfire at you if you keep repeating it all the time. The fact that you’ve explained it doesn’t mean it can’t still look like a persuasion. Mention those things slowly along the way – if she makes a remark on how relaxed you look to tell her about those endorphins. If she thanks you for your help tell her that you have extra energy to spare. Eventually, she’ll show the interest in the exercise behind her new-and-improved man.
When it happens it’s important not to lose your head but to keep this steady approach. You’re probably very impatient to show her how fun cycling truly is, but you may rush her into rides that may be too difficult for a beginner. The point is to make the exercise fun, not to intimidate or burn her out. You need to remember that even easy stuff is not that easy if you’re doing it for the first time. Give her time to learn and make her feel comfortable. Start with basics – getting on and off, using the gears, safe breaking. Keep it at 30 minutes at first, so it wouldn’ look like you’re giving her riding lessons.

Let Her Choose

You know cycling like the back of your hand, and you know the love of your life more than anyone else, so you know what type of bike would be perfect for her. But the greatest mistake you could do is to appear one day with a brand new bicycle you’ve chosen for her. Choosing the bike is also a part of the fun, and you must let her take her pick. She’s the one that’s gonna ride it, after all.
On the other hand, she could make a mistake and chose one that wouldn’t fit her, which could result in her first cycling venture turning into a failure. The best way to approach this problem is to go together through some exciting Bicycles Online offers where she would search mainly based on appearance while you’ll occasionally offer some technical advice. And don’t forget about the proper clothing, at least cycling shorts. Sometimes getting the sore butt can make you stay away from the bicycle for months.

Turn it Into an Adventure

Now all that’s left is to keep her motivated. But this is not the same as turning it into a competition. Staying with her is mandatory because riding alone in the middle of nowhere will probably make her feel uncomfortable and ruin the whole experience. You can’t let your ego cloud your judgment – you’ll be her teacher for a while, so keep an eye on any signs of wobbly riding, heavy sweating or deep breathing.
Cycling should offer her a fresh perspective on your surroundings – show her new routes, new roads, and new places. Pick scenic routes and organize surprise stops at a farmers market or at a restaurant for lunch. As time passes she will get better, and then it’s time to turn the rides into an adventure. The moment you notice that she’s slipping into a boring routine, suggest mountain biking. And don’t get restricted by your own city, not even your own country. Going on a bicycle backpacking trip will make her never want to get off her new favorite mean of transportation.
When you think about it, that’s everything it takes to fall in love. The right amount of courting, unlimited patience, encouragement of her choices, and a chance to discover new things.

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