Having A Hard Time Focusing? Try These 6 Simple Exercises

If you spend most of your day working, you might find that focus is hard to come by. When you feel tired, it’s easy to let your mind wander. Sometimes, this can negatively affect your work and you obviously want to avoid that. If you want to improve your focus, there are a lot of effective methods you can try.

1. Exercise often

Working out doesn’t just improve your body and physical health. When you get your blood pumping, your brain benefits as well. You might not have noticed, but you are a lot more focused on the task at hand if it requires physical strength.

You can take advantage of this phenomenon by doing a couple of exercises right before you intend to work on something. This will help you improve your concentration and the effect will linger.

2. Be more attentive

If you find it difficult to keep up in a conversation when there are a lot of things happening around you, then you might want to practice listening carefully. When someone is speaking to you, try to cancel out any outside sounds and only think about what they’re saying, even if there isn’t much to distract you elsewhere.

If you repeat this in relatively quiet situations, you’ll eventually improve your listening skills and you’ll be able to talk to someone in a noisier environment.

3. Make a list of things you shouldn’t do

We are constantly surrounded by distractions. The internet gives you constant access to an endless supply of simple media that can keep you occupied for hours. This doesn’t exactly have a good effect on productivity.

People like making lists of things they should be doing, but that doesn’t affect how focused you are on your current task. However, making a list of things to avoid could make a difference. Every time you have an urge to check social media, you should write it down and continue with your work. Just writing it down will lessen the urge and you’ll be able to get back to being productive.

4. Meditation

woman meditating

Meditation is a great tool for reducing stress and keeping up focus. It has a calming effect that persists throughout the day. Using mindful meditation, you can easily overcome wandering thoughts and continue being productive.

It might sound counterintuitive to spend time in order to save time, but that’s exactly what meditation does. With as little as twenty minutes, you can improve your focus for the whole day. As long as you practice it regularly, you will find that your attention span has increased significantly.

5. Keep your thoughts focused

If you want to practice keeping your thoughts in check, you can try partaking in an activity that requires lots of focus. This can be a way to train your mind into wandering less. As long as the activity takes focus, you can count on it to be effective. Sports could be a good choice.

You should look for sports that aren’t too caught up in the physical aspect. A lot of people find that golf helps them relax their mind, but they might not be able to play well enough to enjoy the sport. There are lots of golf swing training tools that help people quickly adapt to this calming activity. Once you step on the field, your swing is the only thing you’ll be thinking about.

6. Read things slowly

People don’t read as much as they used to. As a result of this, media has become much shorter on words. The internet and its content often use shorter texts to get a message across. Most of that content is also skimmed when you read it because you can get a lot of crucial details by just skimming a text.

Unfortunately, this also leads to bad reading comprehension and focus. Not every detail is caught and the reader loses the point of the whole picture. Reading slowly allows you to focus on the text and improve understanding.


Sometimes, you can just run out of focus. It happens to everyone. There are a lot of factors that can lead to this, but it’s not something to worry about. All you need to get back on your feet are a couple of exercises that put an emphasis on your mind. If you try some of these methods, you’ll find that your focus will show immediate improvement.

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