7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Body Image

It’s really difficult to be completely satisfied with the way we look today – the media is constantly bombing us with pictures of celebrities who look flawless. We are forced to think we aren’t beautiful or attractive enough; we are prone to think there are so many things about ourselves that should be changed.

Well, it’s not true. It’s high time we realized we look great the way we are, and so does everybody else. But how can we realize that? How to convince ourselves of that?

We can actually help ourselves get there through a few simple things. If you also feel you deserve to boost your body image, here’s how to it.

1. List the good things about your body

If people keep telling you that you are too short or that your hair is too big or whatever it is they are telling you – shush them with and start listing all the advantages your body has just the way it is. For example, if you really are short, that will only make it easier for you to find the right clothes. Your hair is big? Well, you don’t have to be afraid of having weak hair when you’re older. Every feature of your body has some advantage that you aren’t aware of yet. This is the time to start realizing it.

2. Avoid the triggers

Identify what makes you feel bad about yourself. It can be magazines and social media that you’re on. Whatever it is, you have the power to choose what to do with your free time. Don’t read those magazines, don’t scroll through your timeline if it bothers you, and don’t look at pictures of beautiful women if it makes you too conscious about your body. Just block all of that and don’t get yourself unnecessarily upset.

3. Stop being obsessed by size

It’s a waste of time trying to fit into a smaller size. Why bother to fit into clothes that are too small and will only make you feel uncomfortable? You are not really doing a favor to your body – the imperfections that it has will only be more visible if you keep doing that. Instead, wear clothes of your actual size – you will feel good and the imperfections you don’t like will be smoothed out.

4. Acknowledge the things your body can do

Your body carries you through every day of your life. You need to become aware of all the things it can do – give it a day of enjoyable activities – go watch a film with friends, go to a yoga class, a dance class or a simple, long walk in the park. Have a good laugh with people close to you and breathe deeply beside the river. Those are the things your body can do, so enjoy it and be grateful.

5. Help your body

If you’ve been having trouble with weight for some time and you haven’t achieved a lot, you shouldn’t be mad at your body. It does its best. Instead, why not take advantage of the development of technology and medicine and help your body get there where it should be? Obesity is a growing problem in many countries. Australia, one of the countries with the largest number of overweight people of all ages, is no stranger to progressive medical procedures in order to help people lose weight. Many people who lost their confidence due to weight dealt with this problem successfully through weight loss surgery. It’s perfectly ok to ask for professional help if you can’t manage weight loss on your own. Your body will appreciate it.

6. Choose clothes for your body type

It’s so wrong to follow trends just for the sake of being trendy. It won’t make you feel good. Instead, you could hire a professional stylist to point out to you what type of clothes best suits your specific body type. No matter how fashionable something is, it won’t look good on you just for that reason. If you choose something specifically for you, then you make it look fashionable and cool. In short, clothes that flatter your body should be the trend you follow from now on.

7. Create your positive mantra

Find a good substitution for that whiny voice in your head telling you your hips are too big or your shoulders are too wide – come up with an uplifting phrase that you will repeat every time you hear that voice saying negative stuff about your body. Empowering phrases like ” I am grateful for having a strong and healthy body” is much more inspiring than repeating things that make you feel ashamed of yourself.

All in all

Every one of us struggles with their self-image. To make it better takes some time. After all, your negative image of yourself probably lasted for years, so it’s perfectly normal you’ll need some time to get in a different state of mind. But just be patient with yourself – little by little, your negative thoughts will eventually be replaced by positive ones almost completely.

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