6 Tips For Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

Being a mother is a completely unique and new experience. A new life and love that can’t be imagined are given to your arms and to your care. You want to never let your baby go. But there are times we have to leave our babies at home and start to get back to life we knew before. Getting back to work is one of these times.

1.Getting in touch with your emotions

There will be a lot of mixed emotions that will be included. There will be lots of guilty consciences: for leaving your baby at home for so long, for being unsure you can answer to challenges of your work, for leaving your baby in someone else’s hands, for the feeling you are not doing things right… First of all, these feelings are totally normal and you are not alone going through them. However, instead of focusing on cons, you might want to try to remember why it’s so important for you to get back to work. If you’re completely honest with yourself, positive reasons should outweigh the negative ones.

2. Preparing your baby for separations

Start taking your baby to a day care center a week before you should start your work, or leave him/her with a baby sitter. Prepare meals for a week so your baby should not go out of a routine with his/her feeding. If your baby is still nursing, make arrangements that you can milk at your work and someone comes to collect that.

3. Sharing responsibilities

You should talk to your husband about all the new obligations and you will need to share them. You should make arrangements about who will pick up the baby from a day care center, who will stay home if the baby gets sick or baby sitter gets sick and things like that. You should also divide house works so no one gets too tired or overwhelmed.

4. Getting help

Don’t try to do everything on your own. You will feel a bit lost the first few days on your work. Find out who are the new mothers that are freshly back to work and make friends with them. They will be of utmost help to you. You can also seek some professional help. Trying to pick up where you left off is a plan that gets a lot of people into the completely wrong mindset. Remember, you’re now richer for one unique experience, which means that your ambitions need to reflect this. One idea would be to aim for that promotion that you always wanted and find an organization that can help you with developing into a true leader.

5 Take it easy

Regardless of how much you want to show you are more than capable to do your job, don’t overdo it. There will be plenty of time to show your skills and expertise. It is better to take things slowly and work your way up from there. It is better to take one step at a time and build up from there. That way you will be able to build confidence and feel good about yourself for achieving your task.

6. Start working from home

Even if there’s no option of telecommuting in your workplace, you might want to try freelancing for the time being. First of all, it will help improve the budget and second, it will allow you to see for yourself just how hard it is to maintain a life-work balance. Think of it as battle-testing yourself before the real test arrives.

Although this may be hard, try to remember that there were many who underwent this before you. You’re not the first person to overcome this obstacle and you’re most definitely not alone.

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