5 Ways to Capture Your Baby’s First Moments

Children are one of the biggest joys in life. Their cute little arms reaching up to you for a hug, their smiles which melt your heart, and the way they say “I love you” when they can’t even pronounce it correctly but still feel the need to tell you. Alas, they’re soon on their way out of the house and it feels like they were your little bundle of joy only yesterday. That’s why it’s important to capture your baby’s first moments. This way you’ll always get to remember how small and precious they were, and how amazing it felt to share that time with them.

1. Make a time-lapse

They won’t be so small and cute forever, so it’s a good idea to track your baby’s growth. You can do this by taking a picture in the same place and position every month. After a year, put all the pics together, and create a time-lapse of your baby’s first year.

Additionally, you can print it out and frame it so you have a permanent reminder in your house or turn it into a calendar.

2. Make a scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a fun hobby most people have taken up at one point in their lives. It allows you to completely organize your baby’s life in a serious of creative and cute pictures. Their first steps, the first time they ate on their own, and their first outing.

This method is convenient because it’s more personal than a photo album and you get to be completely involved in the creative process.

3. Paint a canvas

baby's foot

If you really want to make something special, make a stats canvas. You can hang it up in your baby’s room and always remember how small they were when they were born. Add the exact time and the baby’s footprint, and you’ll have a truly special piece of art in the house.

A canvas is also very subtle and cute, making it a classy and cute commemoration instead of a tacky one.

4. Take professional photos

We’ve all seen those cute photos online of babies smiling and enjoying themselves in different outfits with adorable scenery behind them. In recent years, it’s really become a trend to have professional photos of your child taken. After all, this way you have permanent photos of your little angel, with a truly artistic touch. Your child doesn’t have to be the star of all the photos either, as you can easily capture the moments you cherish together.

5. Keep a diary

Another creative way to capture your baby’s first moments is to keep a diary. You can write everything down. Instead of it just being statistics, you can actually write how you felt in certain moments and preserve all the inevitable anecdotes which come with having a child.

You can reread this diary whenever you want and reminisce on the times your now grown-up child was just a little bundle. Another idea would be to give them the diary for their eighteenth birthday so they know they’ll always be your little baby and how much your love has grown over the years.


As you can see, just because your children have to grow up, it doesn’t mean you can’t relive your first moments together. Capturing memories like these brings comfort and joy to any parent, and can even be a bonding activity with your child. They might pretend as you annoy them with all the stories and pictures of their childhood, but the little glint in their eye will give away how much they love you, too.

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