5 Not so Common Ways to Improve Yourself

How many times have you tried to reform your ways but all attempts proved to be in vain? This does not mean that you didn’t try hard enough or even worse, that you are unreformable, but that you merely implied the wrong tactics and used the wrong activities. When everything else fails, it is time for these 5 not so common ways of improving yourself. Once you start performing the practices we are about to list, you will sense the change slowly coming from within.

Get offline

It has been scientifically proven that your entire organism, not only your mental health, benefits significantly from quitting Facebook temporarily. The results are not much different when it comes to leaving other social media platforms such an Instagram and Twitter. One of the greatest benefits of getting offline is opening up free time that is measured in hours on a daily basis. This translates into more family, work, and leisure time that’s we would have otherwise spent staring at our phone. Once you realize how “offline life” is rewarding, your old addiction of checking the phone every ten minutes on average will simply vanish, leaving you less stressed.

Let bygones be bygones

One of the biggest triggers for depression and anxiety is the inability to let go of the past. By constantly thinking about the things that caused pain 2 or 5 years ago, we are meeting it impossible for ourselves to live in the present time. Once we lose our present, we thwart our chances of having a bright future. Is understandable that you have that failure or heartbreak from half a decade ago that not a day goes without you retrospecting of it but true change will never come if you are still living in the past. Let bygones be bygones and start focusing on the future, having learned the lessons from the past and leaving it behind you.

Pick up an uncommon sport

We live in the era of sports for the masses, such as tennis, football or basketball. Although all of these ports are suitable for you to engage is, you should choose the last comment sport; one does take you back to nature. In golf, you are your own biggest rival, which is ideal for people who want to change themselves. On the plus side, you get to putt in nature, surrounded by greenery and the twitter of birds. That’s the main lesson the game of golf has to offer: practice makes it perfect, both on the course and in life.

Embark on a new life project

Our advice to pick up golf was really meant for those who have never played it before but in reality, there are many other things you have never tried before. For some, this is lighting the first cigar in their life after watching others do it for decades, while for some this means enrolling into pottery class. Whatever is that one thing you never did when you were younger, now is the right time to act. By starting a new life project, you will invigorate your motivation and find a new purpose in life, altering your personality for the better in the process.

Revise your friend list

“No man is an island,” wrote the English Metaphysical poet John Donne in the 17th century and this phrase perfectly captures the essence of modern society. The choice or better to say, the selection of people whom you interact with defines who you are to a large extent, so revising your real-life friends’ list is considered a major change in your habits. You need to say “goodbye” to all the negative people who you’ll instantly recognize because they haven’t got a single optimistic thought to share with you. On the other hand, you should look to strengthen your relationship with positive and motivated individuals who will serve as the driving motor of your inner change by cheering you on every step of the way.

The 5 uncommon ways to improve yourself listed here will serve as an excellent starting point for your wish to lead a more fulfilling life. Soon you’ll discover that other seemingly queer activities make you behave better and think more clearly, so adopt them as well.

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