19 Artsy Desserts That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

Everybody loves desserts! For a dessert to be considered delicious, the taste is the key. But what about those desserts that look so pretty that you almost feel bad eating them? The winning combination is a mouth-watering, exquisite looking tasty treat no one can resist. If you think only unhealthy, too sweet and desserts filled with additives can be enjoyable – you are wrong. There are many desserts out there that are both healthy and savory. Some of them are even easy to make. Take a peek at these perfect blends of food and art.

Blueberry cupcakes with white chocolate frosting

This delightful dessert consists of vanilla cupcake batter with fresh or frozen blueberries mixed in. This combination gives your taste buds a joyride blending the vanilla and fruity taste. As the final step, the cupcakes are topped with rich and super-delicious white chocolate. But that’s not all! On top of chocolate, the cupcakes are decorated with blueberry syrup and some fresh blueberries. A superb combination of blueberries and white chocolate. Yummy!

Cherry cheesecake coconut bites

If you’re looking for a dessert that’s free of processed sugars and dye – this is the right choice for you! These tiny cakes are colorful, featuring colors of three traditional layers: brown, white and pink. As an addition, these small pieces of heaven are decorated with coconut whipped cream, chocolate shavings, some edible flowers and like it’s not enough – a cherry on top! They are indeed a work of art. 

Caramelized banana and fig ice cream bars

What happens if you take an already perfect treat and upgrade it a bit? You get a caramelized banana and fig ice cream bars! These appetizing ice cream bars are made of sweetened coconut cream poured in a popsicle mould and ornamented with a sliced fig, so that the red part is showing. Next, they are covered with caramelized banana and chocolate for an even more intense taste. It is an impeccable blend of everyone’s favorite – ice cream, fruit, and chocolate.

Raw fruit and coconut ice cream cake with a brownie crust

The main ingredients of this super healthy dessert are coconut milk, frozen fruit and brownie crust. Brownie crust is made of walnuts, raw oats, dates, and cocoa – food high in protein. The batter is made of coconut milk, cane sugar, and a banana. When all of these together with the frozen fruit for decoration is put together, we get one fine looking, colorful and nicely layered icy treat. A spoonful of this cool coconutty fruit will definitely surprise your palate.

Molten chocolate cakes

There isn’t a list of desserts where a molten chocolate cake isn’t a part. This classic, rich in taste dessert not only looks great but tastes great as well. It is both easy to make and decorate. Chocolate lava cakes, how people also call them, are optionally topped with whipped cream, fruit syrup or fresh fruit for a complete experience. You can even top them with a ball of your favorite ice cream.

Red, white and blueberry trifle

This enticing dessert is light in taste but rich in antioxidants. Its preparation time is minimal, but it needs to sit in the fridge for eight hours, so make sure to plan ahead. Colorful layers of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, ladyfingers and whipped cream in a glass cup give this dessert a special, extraordinary look that makes you dive into it right away. Who can wait for eight hours?! Once cooled down, this splendid mix of fruit and cream will become your favorite light trifle.

Strawberry shortcake ice cream bars

These white and red, covered in pink sprinkles, tiny ice cream bars are a perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day or to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. They are easy to make and contain only natural ingredients. The star ingredients are vanilla ice cream and strawberry sorbet rolled into a butter crumb made with milk powder and freeze-dried strawberries. You get a soft pink treat both for your mouth and for eyes. After you finish enjoying the graceful look of these captivating bars, don’t stop there! Treat your palate as well.

Acai Greek yogurt parfait

This an upgraded version of a regular, ordinary parfait. The combination of Greek yogurt and an organic acai berry has for a result a powerful, protein-rich, nutritious, pink batter. Placed in a jar and topped with granola and fresh fruit, you get an easy and healthy morning pretty-to-see meal. It’s not only attractive with its colors but it’s delicious and nutritious as well. It can easily become your morning breakfast routine.

Avocado dragon fruit smoothie

An exotic smoothie like this can definitely go on the list. Pitaya, avocado and dragon fruit juice make up this uniquely looking and tasting liquid dessert. When poured into a tall glass, this nutritious fruit bomb can be decorated with bee pollen and a funny looking straw. It will make you think you’re on a sunny beach on some tropical island. 

Naked mango cherry cake

This colorful and fruity cake is so light and airy and it also provides a drooling sight with its vibrant colors. The two soft and moist cakes are mango and cherry flavored while the frosting between the layers and on top of the cake is purple and white buttercream frosting, which makes the cake even more delicious. A final touch is added with sprinkles in different, vivid colors. It is like eating a rainbow! Children will love this cake. You can delight your guests for any special occasion with this luscious treat. 

Raspberry soufflé

This dreamy fluffy dessert is not only a pretty sight for the eyes but it’s also food for our soul. Baked in classy white porcelain cupcake moulds, dusted with powdered sugar and topped with fresh raspberries, this spectacular treat will leave everybody breathless. What is more, they will be even more amazed when they take a spoonful of it and treat their taste buds. It’s doubtlessly a piece of heaven in a pink color.

Raw strawberry and kiwi tart

This sweet masterpiece has a crumbly pecan crust, covered with rich cashew cream. On top of the cashew cream come neatly sliced and creatively arranged strawberries and kiwis. It makes this dessert look picturesque and tempting. The combination of fruit can be different, depending on your personal liking. If you wish to change the recipe a bit, think about the fruit tastes that go together well. This recipe gives you the opportunity to be creative and show your artsy side.

Triple chocolate cheesecake bites

A dessert that has ‘triple chocolate’ as a part of its name, can’t be bad. Chocolate cookies and dates make up a crust, which is pressed firmly into small moulds. The crust is then covered with a chocolate mix made from drained cashews, coconut cream, maple syrup, coconut oil, and melted chocolate. When cooled down, they are ready to be served but only after they are drizzled with some more melted chocolate! These literally melt in your mouth. Who can resist this marvelous combo?

Whole wheat crepe cake with chocolate mousse

An ideal dessert for springtime: it is light, it is fluffy and filled with chocolate mousse. This cake is a combination of layers of a crepe and a creamy chocolate mousse. As a finishing touch, on top of all layers goes mousse, whipped cream, and sprinkles of toasted coconut. There isn’t a person who wouldn’t enjoy this delicacy. It is soft, rich and creamy – everything a sublime dessert should have.

Ricotta cheesecake

This dessert is a perfect combination of American and Italian cuisine. With its ground almond crust, cream cheese, and ricotta cheese, it gives a light and creamy taste. The top of the cake is covered in best quality seedless raspberry jam and some fresh raspberries dusted with powdered sugar. The cake itself isn’t too sweet, so the final step and the toppings make up for this lack of sweetness. A truly perfect blend of colors and tastes. This smooth fruity dessert is so easy to make and present in an artsy manner.

Double chocolate Pavlova with mascarpone whipped cream

A meringue base of this stunning dessert is filled with cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate. The top is covered fine mascarpone cheese mixed with whipped cream. This dessert is light and also gluten-free. Apart from the base and the cream, this dessert has fresh raspberries on top, sprinkled with chocolate shavings. A combination to die for. 

Strawberry banana ice cream sundae with raspberry mint sauce

A dessert simple enough for everyone to make, it can also easily be decorated and served as if a true professional has made it himself. Banana ice cream is homemade, with fresh and natural ingredients only. Take an ice cream glass cup and place two scoops of banana ice cream, drizzle with a raspberry mint sauce that you made yourself and add in some fresh strawberries. To make it even more elegant, decorate with fresh mint on top. You can make this cool sweet treat for your kids, who’ll love it.
Pink glazed doughnut

Doughnuts are a must-have on every dessert list. Especially the ones that are pretty looking as these. They are special because they are made of brown sugar and buttermilk and spiced up with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Finally, when ready they are glazed with a flashy pink frosting and sprinkled with crushed chocolate. People go crazy about these!

Layered acai chia pudding

This dessert’s delicate colors layered in a glass and decorated with nuts and fresh fruit almost make you not want to ruin this perfect pudding. Apart from being dazzling, this dessert is also vegan, gluten-free and loaded with fiber and omega-3. The combination of chia seeds, almond milk, and acai powder make up the first layer. The second layer consists of frozen raspberries, bananas, and almond milk. Carefully layered in a wide glass cup and decorated with fresh fruit and nuts, you get both a healthy and colorful dessert.

For all food generally including desserts, the taste is not the only important thing. Nowadays everything is more delicious if it looks delicious. So chefs and confectioners all around the world try to make their food and desserts not only tasty but eye-appealing and attention attracting. They must be creative in their recipes, decoration, and presentation as well. For a dessert to make it to this list it is important to be tasty, pretty-looking and served adequately. And what makes it even more special is if all of the previously mentioned requirements are fulfilled and the dish is also healthy, high in protein and contains only natural ingredients – this is true art.

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